We believe growing people change. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will always have a next step to take as you grow.

Meet Jesus

We believe that God created the world and everything in it, including you. He wants to begin a personal, one-on-one relationship with you today.

The Bible

Just 10 minutes a day. You can spare that, right? Reading the bible for just 10 minutes a day can change the rest of your days. It will bring you hope, encouragement, guidance, and practical advice on everyday issues you’re facing. The bible is relevent to everyone, everywhere, at any time.

Get Baptized

Baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. It’s a public declaration of how Jesus changed your life. Being baptized shows others that you’ve decided to follow Jesus, and allows them to celebrate this decision with you.

Become a Partner

Members have rights, partners have responsibilities. We offer partnership classes where you’ll learn the vision, mission, and purpose of Central City Austin.

Start Serving

There are many opportunities to serve at Central City Austin. We want you to find the one that bests suits your passion, personality, and availability.


At Central City we want to partner (not pioneer) with non-profit organizations on the local, national, and global level to feed the hungry, fight homelessness, empower children and families, respond to the needs of people in crisis and rescue victims of modern slave trade. And we do it all in Jesus’ name. Get involved by serving the city at one of the many opportunities year-round or get involved in a global mission.